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iGNIS – the Governance Network for International Schools will facilitate and promote good governance in international schools, whatever their ownership and governance model

Available to schools from September 2024


At RSAcademics, we believe strongly that good governance is necessary for international schools to thrive. We also believe that Board members need timely access to affordable and relevant support to help them do their difficult job well.

Our extensive research into international school leadership and governance in 2016 and 2023 tells us international schools need iGNIS – the first governance network specifically for board members in international schools.

Board members and Principals in iGNIS member schools will have access to:

  • Training videos and guides
  • Recorded interviews with international school Board members and other experts
  • Live training for new governors 3 times a year
  • Confidential helpline and Q&A forum
  • Newsletter 3 times a year
  • Networking opportunities and round table discussions
  • Subgroups and special interest communities (e.g. Chairs, safeguarding…)
  • And more...
As the founder and owner of a successful school, I know how important it is for the whole school community that my school is well governed. That is why I am proud and enthusiastic to be part of iGNIS. I look forward to learning and participating in this wonderful and important, new initiative.
Mrs Esther Martelli
Presidente and Chair of the Board of Directors
International School of Bologna, Italy

To register your interest in joining iGNIS, please provide your details and we will be in touch about the next steps in your membership application. There is more information about the benefits of joining iGNIS, below the form.

Why join iGNIS?

  • It is a network, designed to share good practice and practical solutions, providing support, ideas and reassurance to Board members from other board members.
  • It does not promote one model of governance more than another. It is designed for international schools and aims to have no national or cultural bias.
  • The membership badge is a visible sign to future employees and parents that the school takes good governance seriously.
The foundation of a successful school is always effective governance, supporting school leaders to achieve their ambitions. I am so pleased to see the launch of iGNIS by RSAcademics as it addresses an important gap in the training and support for school governors. Based on their extensive research, I have no doubt iGNIS will have a significant impact on further improving the performance of international schools.
Simon O’Connor
Chief Education Officer - Al-Futtaim School Management Company
Director - Deira International School
Dubai, UAE


Schools will be the members of iGNIS. Membership services will be available to Board members and Principals, through a school-specific password, which will be issued in September 2024.

Annual membership
Early joiners: schools joining before September 2024
£750 *

Schools that are members of other organisations and networks may be eligible for a reduced membership fee. Currently, schools which join before September 2024 pay a membership fee of £675 * if they are members of the following organisations

  • BSME
*Payment must be received by 30th August 2024

Any questions? Please contact info@ignisnetwork.org